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Wink Brow Bar, a NYC Beauty Brand known for its organic threading, lash and skin treatments. Clients include Hollywood stars, Celebrities, members of the Royal Family of Qatar, CEO’s, Professionals, and thousands of Women who are passionate about looking their best.


Since the beginning, Zara has been focused on one thing: inner beauty translating out to your appearance through the face. Her decades of passion and her quests have made her an expert in Skin. The love affair continues, where she and her daughter Umbreen were proud to bring decades of knowledge to a line of products especially formulated for Wink Brow Bar.
 Alongside being the Head Trainer for Wink Brow Bar for Skin in the USA and UK, she is available by appointment only at all Wink locations globally. Her power is in her fingertips and decades of knowledge, which can only be tried to be explained. Within her cult following of clientele, she is known as the skin whisperer. Zara completed her Cosmetology in London in the 1980’s, lucky enough to study alongside the likes of the founder of Toni & Guy, Toni Mascolo, and completed her French Complexion Diploma in 1995.

Zara's clients include Editors, CEO's and professional women who want to feel their best. 


Founded by UK native Umbreen Sheikh, Wink put organic brow threading on the map. As an alternative to waxing (imprecise and skin-irritating) and tweezing (time-consuming and way too easy to overdo), Wink’s organic threading is hypo-allergenic, lightning-fast and laser-focused. Featuring a proprietary thread coated with an anti-bacterial lining, it targets every. last. hair. – even those teensy weensy ones that are too short to be grabbed by wax or tweezers.

Yes, we’re All Things Brow. But, one by one, we’ve been adding all the services and products our insanely busy, embrowered clients need to look and feel at the absolute top of their games.